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Galaxy Way is a Hong Kong based company in Household item; Home Decoration Products industry. committed to providing high quality wooden items. We have over 10 years’ experience in pre-school toys, Games, Chess, Christmas wooden ornaments, Garden decorations, Household Products and Christmas soft ornaments. We assure buyers with competitively price and best quality. Customers own designs and assortment are cordially welcome.

Our Story


The core inspiration of Galaxy Way products comes from “plants”. From the product to the packaging appearance, Galaxy Way has injected a lot of “wood” elements. The founder believes that wood is a unique plant in nature. It has super vitality and is the strongest carbon depositor in nature. This is the embodiment of Galaxy Way’s core value of “reducing carbon footprint”.

 We want all humanity to work together to protect the planet by reducing its carbon footprint, like a system of millions of stars

Create a future of common interests and sustainable development, and become a change maker affecting the world.