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Tumbling Tower Game Two-Color wood (48 Blocks)

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The classic stacking tower is an intelligent Game to cultivate patience, persistence, and creativity, which can make the party games lively and provide entertainment for your family and friends. It improves hand-eye coordination, balance, self-control, and fine motor skills. In addition, you can create your own rules or bonus rules. The tumbling game encourages interactive play, reduces screen time, and is a perfect way for parents and kids to bond over hours of fun.
  • Wooden stacking and balancing toys that help children develop fine motor skills and the concept of balance;
  • Play alone or with others for extra creative and challenging balance structures. Each piece measures 7.5×2.5×1.5cm, 48 pieces in total;
  • The product is 100% natural high-quality oak, made of white toon wood.;
  • Suitable for children aged 3 or above;



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